Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival 2005 

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Silk hoop painting for kids and adults. Inside the silk hoop painting tent Never too young for art Silk hoop painting Girl with painted face doing silk hoop painting Silk hoop painting Mom and child painting Silk hoop painting Silk hoop painting Painted silk hoop art Painted silk hoop art Painted silk hoop art Painted silk hoop art The 'sandbox' in the kids' activiy area Kim Atkinson leads a drum and rhythm circle including Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart seated behind him. Kim Atkinson leads the drum circle Kids can play drums too Playing drum Drummer boy Mom and young drummer The hay bale slide was fun for kids Sliding on the hay bales Kids on hay bale slide Surfing down the hay bale slide Tossing a spindle top Hula hoop pro Hula hoop pro and hoopers Hula hooping in back of the concert meadow Some like hula hoops, others prefer shooting How many hula hoops can you spin? A girl spins four hula hoops Hula hooping Hula hoops aren't just for girls Jugglers do it with timing and skill "Bro Chapeau" Mark Hansen shows some samples from his paper hat making workshop The Hogwash camp showers Happy campers from Albion Campsite pickers Fashion statement

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