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These comments are quoted verbatim from letters and cards from wedding clients.

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"You had asked for some feedback on the wedding photos, so I thought I'd let you know that THEY'RE GREAT! Chris knew you were (are) an artist, but I had no idea. You caught so many beautiful moments and expressions. I had heard so many photographer nightmares that I didn't have very high hopes. But we were thrilled! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job. We appreciate your talent, and we're really glad you could be part of such a special day for us." 
-- Laurie and Chris B.

"Thank you so much for sharing 'our' day with us and capturing our moments on film. We've received all of the pictures and they're all equally beautiful. They are everything we'd hoped they would be. You're wonderful. Thanks again for all of your kindness, cooperation and extra efforts in making our wedding and photos complete." 
-- Paris and Jordana A.

Thank you so very much for the superb photos. Family and friends have raved about them, asking how we found you. We have made numerous reprints, sending guests reprints of photos where they appear. The list of shots which we specially love and cherish is too long to include here. Thank you so much!" 
-- Ruth and Spence

We thank you so much for the beautiful photography you did of our wedding at the Whitegate Inn. We love the way you captured our day just as it was. Because of your art, our memories of our special day will always be at our fingertips. 
-- Jessi and Buzz G., 

Thank you for being our wedding photographer. We loved the pictures and appreciated you hiking around the gardens in Elk with us to find the best places. The double prints were great because we sent them with the thank you cards to our family and friends. 
-- Cori and Dave H.

"John and I are so pleased with our wedding photographs -- you captured all the excitement, joy and love that we felt on our special day. We appreciate your talent and enjoyed working with you very much!! 
-- Jill and John S.

"We have received the photographs from the wedding and are thrilled with the results. You are right that not everyone has their eyes open or are looking perfect, but we appreciate being able to see them all anyway. There are many that are perfect! Thank you for your work. We appreciated your efforts" 
-- Allison and Tom

"No, we weren’t pleased with the results . . . I’d say thrilled and delighted would be closer.  I’m glad we hired such a perfectionist.  You were right, they were worth waiting for. Through your pictures we’ve been able to share the wedding with several people who could not be there, and they’ve all commented on what wonderful pictures we have. You seem to have mastered the art of being in three places at once. I think we got a good mix of family portraits and informal shots, and it is the latter which really captures the feel of the day. We had a great time, and it is fun to see that other people did too. Thank you for using your time and talents to help us preserve such good memories." 
-- Ellen P.

Thank you so much for taking such great pictures of our wedding. They are so wonderful, they will be treasured forever. I really appreciate all that you did. 
-- Robbie and Gary M.

"We are so pleased with our wedding pictures. You did a terrific job, and you’re such a nice man! Thanks for helping to make our wedding day truly memorable." 
-- Micki and Brian

"We are writing to thank you for the wonderful photographs you took of our wedding. We are extremely happy with the pictures. We’ve been showing them to everyone and they all comment how nice they are. When making preparations for the wedding, Mark was considering not using a photographer’s services. Since receiving the pictures, he has commented numerous times how glad he is that we did decide to use your services. We were especially happy with the candid close-ups taken at the reception. It was a pleasure meeting you, and thank you again for such a great job." 
-- Mark and Joy K.

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