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Updated 10/30/2012

Mendocino In The Seventies
(and early Eighties)

Mendocino in the Seventies front book cover image

"New Pioneer Family" - Tony and Ella Russell with son Jesse near their home in Elk / Greenwood, California, 1972 - 2006 Nicholas Wilson

Above is the front cover of Nicholas Wilson's photo book titled Mendocino In The Seventies. Released in December 2006, the 160 page book includes over 180 of Nicholas' color and black and white photos of people, places and events of the Mendocino Coast during the 1970s (and a few of the best photos from the early '80s). 

The signed and numbered first edition of 200 books sold out a week after they were delivered, making it an instant rare book.  Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino sold all of their initial 50 book allotment in four days. The First Revised Edition is the same as the first edition with some errors and omissions corrected. It has sold more than 400 additional copies.

The book is newly available (October 2012) as a downloadable PDF format e-book, and the printed book can now be ordered through Amazon.com.

Autographed copies of the book are also in stock for direct orders from this website, by email or U.S. Mail, as well as on the shelves of Mendocino's Gallery Bookshop  

Paperback binding is available at a moderate savings, by ordering directly from the printer Blurb.com, which ships internationally. 
Premium case wrap binding
, with the cover imagery bound directly to a hard cover, can also be ordered from Blurb. They call it "Image Wrap."  
Order direct from Blurb.com online bookstore.

You can order signed hard cover books (with dust jacket) direct from the author by mail or email (with payment by check) or online by secure credit or debit card payment.  See below for details on ordering and pricing.

You can preview the book in the widget just below. This feature uses Flash. Click on the cover image to open, then click on the page to turn the page. Use Full Screen setting unless you're on dialup.


Mendocino In The Seventies by Nicholas Wilson, Photographer

Note that books ordered directly from Blurb.com will not be autographed.


Archival Framing Prints Are Available

You can order exhibition quality archival framing prints of nearly any photo in the book, and many more that were not in the book. Send an email to mail@nwilsonphoto.com to inquire about availability and pricing.


Excerpts from 
Tony Miksak's Words On Books review of Dec. 17, 2006

     A new book by long time local Nicholas Wilson brings the (seventies) era to blazing life once more. It's time travel at its funniest and most poignant, especially for those of us who were there.


     Reading Mendocino In the Seventies is a bittersweet visit to a time we imagined could last forever, but was gone in the space of a decade or so. 


     Only recently has it been practical to produce high quality, short-run print-on-demand books that rival the productions of major publishers. Nick worked closely with the people at Blurb, Inc. to produce this excellent book. ... Nick's book is the first I've seen that is indistinguishable from any other art book.


     Thanks to Nicholas Wilson for setting out to document our times, and for doing it so gracefully. If you can find a copy of Mendocino in the Seventies by all means grab it.

Reader Comments

  • Great job on your book. ... Sat down and read it cover to cover. I believe this book is going to have legs. It will have much wider interest than just those who experienced it. -- L.S. (consultant)
  • Congratulations on the publication and for having sold so many copies so quickly. It's just beautiful! -- J.F.
  • The book is just great. Lots and lots of memories.... cheers! -- J.L.
  • Spectacular job my friend ... So many faces and friends from so long ago, lovingly done and beautifully assembled. What a great tribute you have set down for future folks and past folks in your personal chronicle of a truly magical time. -- W.S. (guitar genius)
  • The book is great! I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing more from your archives. -- W.M. (music archivist)
  • I just LOVE my book. It arrived in perfect condition and your photos are beautiful. ... It was a magical time and how smart of you to capture it all and present it in such a classy way. -- E.H. (kindergarten teacher and Mendocino Whale War veteran)
  • Thank you, Nicholas, well done. ... Over all, this is a work to be proud of. -- M.P. (book designer)
  • It looks very slick and yet homegrown ... congratulations! -- J.H. (designer and editor)



Book details

The times: Nick moved to the Mendocino Coast in 1970, and soon became a professional photographer who documented the people, the places, and the interesting events going on around him. It was a time of major culture change, the beginning of a wave of migration from the cities to the country. The Mendocino Coast was a magnet for artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, do-it-yourself homebuilders, poets, beatniks, hippies, bohemians, free spirits and others who were drawn by the stunning natural beauty, by the old redwood sawmill towns dating from the mid 1800s, and by the availability of cheap land and low rents, among other attractions. The book includes some photos from the early 1980s as well.

The places in the book include the beautifully funky (pre-gentrification) old towns and gorgeous scenery of the central Mendocino Coast along Highway 1. There's a special effort to include notable businesses of the time that are now history, like the Pyewacket, the Uncommon Good, the Sea Gull, Alphonso's, Accelerated Research and more ... even Dostal's Clock Shop and Laundromat. 

The people in the book include many who were part of the counterculture "scene," including musical groups like Cat Mother, The Mendocino All-Stars, Dirty Legs, Colors, the New Albion String Band, Mooncoin and other musical groups, and individual musicians like Judy Mayhan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Billy Shay, Peter Oliva, Jerry "Coco" Cofrancesco   too many to list. Of course it's not only musicians who are pictured, but many others including Bill Zacha, Dave Sverko, Joe Ponts, Sam Costa,  Raymond Hee, Peter Lit, Jim Bertram, Jane Brandon, John Griffith, Byrd Baker, J.D. Mayhew, Kathy O'Grady, Victor Biondo, Richard Mabbatt, Billy Ray Fitzhugh, and many, many more, all too many of whom have departed this mortal sphere.

The events include legendary outdoor rock 'n roll boogies (picnic/dance/concert) at Bo's Land on Albion Ridge, the Grossman Ranch on Navarro Ridge, Toad Hall Meadow and the Mendocino Woodlands. The Mendocino Whale War of 1976 and the first Mendocino Whale Festival are also included. 

The book is a coffee table book measuring 10 in. wide by 8 in. tall, with 160 pages and a full color dust jacket. It's printed on heavy 80 lb. semi-matte coated paper on a modern four-color digital printing press, with full color available on every page. Of course, some of the best photos of the era were done in black and white, but many of those are color toned in a variety of shades appropriate to the subject matter. Photo reproduction quality in the book is excellent, and the printing and cloth cover binding are of "bookstore quality." Alternative bindings including paperback and deluxe "Image Wrap" are available only by direct order from Blurb.com online bookstore..

See sample photos from the book 
New photos added 11/28/06

How to order

A signed copy of Mendocino In The Seventies may be ordered directly from the author for $74.95 each (plus tax and shipping) for the hard cover with dust jacket version. You can place an order online from this page (below), by mail, or in person. You can also order by email and mail a check or money order.

All orders are for the 1st Revised edition, which is in stock and available for prompt shipping. 

If you want paperback or case wrap binding or if you are outside the U.S., please order from the online bookstore at Blurb.com, the book printer. (Books ordered from Blurb are not signed.)

You can order from Amazon.com with free shipping anywhere Amazon ships to. That means Amazon Prime members can get free 2nd day air shipping or even Next Day Express shipping for a small extra fee.


To order by mail and pay by check or money order: please specify how many books you're ordering and enclose payment for the appropriate amount from the table below for prices based on delivery location and sales tax, if any. Don't forget to include your mailing address. 

Table of prices for mail and email orders only, with sales tax and postage.  Online orders will be computed automatically in the shopping cart.. Hard cover with dust jacket is the normal binding. For other bindings please order direct from Blurb.com at the link given in the table below. Note: Wholesale cost of the book went up 25% over the original cost.

  Priority Mail shipping for up to 6 books to one address costs $12.00 
Your Location  Book price . . . $74.95
California local pick up, with tax 74.95+5.53 tax = $80.47
California with tax & Priority Mail postage 80.47+12.00 shipping = $92.47
Other states with Priority Mail postage 74.95+12.00 shipping = $86.95
Outside the U.S.A. or paperback or case wrap binding Please purchase online from Blurb.com

Please make your check payable to and mail with your order details to:

Nicholas Wilson
PO Box 943
Mendocino CA 95460-0943

To order by email you can send email to book@nwilsonphoto.com and mail a check for the amount indicated in the table above for mail orders. We will assign you a book number immediately, conditional on prompt receipt of your payment.

To order online from the author click the Buy Now button just below, and pay securely by credit or debit card, or bank transfer. 
All of the tax and shipping calculations are done automatically prompt full or partial postage refunds will be given manually in case of orders for local pickup.

If nothing happens when you click on the Buy Now button, you may have a pop-up window blocker, and you will need to allow pop-ups for the buttons above to work. (Holding down your Control Key while you click the button will work on some Windows machines. If you have Google Toolbar installed, it includes a pop-up blocker which you can turn off by clicking the toolbar graphic that displays the number of pop-ups blocked.)

If you have any trouble with the online order process, please email book@nwilsonphoto.com and ask for help. We can also email you a customized Paypal invoice if you want to pay by credit card, or you can simply mail a check  to the address above.


The book includes a few of the best photos from the early eighties because it's unlikely that a separate book will ever be done for that decade, but it's too clumsy to include eighties in the book title. 

The limited first edition (sold-out) was produced in a small printing of 200 books, with every copy numbered and signed by the author. The book is published using a high-tech print-on-demand process which allows additional books to be printed as needed. The 1st Revised edition is now available in hard cover with dust jacket, case wrap hard cover, paperback and PDF e-book on CD for display on computers, tablets and media players.. 

Further details or changes will be posted on this page when available. Please bookmark this page, add it to your favorites, or remember to just Google Mendocino Seventies, and check back for updates from time to time. 

As of this update you can go to www.Google.com , type in only the two words Mendocino seventies and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. You will find yourself at the top of this page, because Google lists it first out of about 15000 web pages found that include the two words. Cool, huh?

Please email any questions to book@nwilsonphoto.com (or nwilson@mcn.org if the other address doesn't work for some reason.)

Cat Mother rock band publicity shot, 1971
Cat Mother band publicity shot, 1971. Charlie Prichard, Roy Michaels, Bob Smith, 
Steve Davidson, Michael Equine, with Bob's daughter Jennifer Smith in front. 

Click here for a page of sample photos from the book 
New photos added 11/28/06


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