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Updated 3/15/2010

Sample Photo Page for

Mendocino In The Seventies
(and early Eighties)

Mendocino in the Seventies draft book cover
"New Pioneer Family" - Tony and Ella Russell with son Jesse near their home in Elk / Greenwood, California, 1972 - 2006 Nicholas Wilson

Above is the front cover of a new hard cover photo book by Nicholas Wilson titled Mendocino In The Seventies and released December 9, 2006.
Details about the book and order information

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Mendocino In The Seventies by Nicholas Wilson, Photographer

Note that books ordered direct from Blurb.com will not be autographed.


Cat Mother rock band publicity shot, Dec. 1971

Cat Mother band publicity shot, 1971. Charlie Prichard, Roy Michaels, Bob Smith, 
Steve Davidson, Michael Equine, with little Jennifer Smith in front.


Bob Smith in 1977

The book is dedicated to the memory of Bob Smith, seen here in 1977.


Dusty boogie crowd at Bo's Land, Sep. 1970

Bo's Land boogie crowd in dusty light, Sept. 1970.


Wild dance scene from a Sep 1970 boogie at Bo's Land, Albion. The photo's psychedelic appearance is due in part to a 4 yr. delay in processing, causing color shifts and steaks 


Gai Waller with tie-dye velvet

Gai Waller (now Daly) created beautiful tie-dyed velvet in 1972.


The Mark LeVine Revue duo in 1973

Mark LeVine and John Chamberlin were the early duo version of the Mark LeVine Revue in 1973. JC also did the poster, of course, and he's still at it in 2006.


Mark LeVine Revue quartet 1977 group photo

This 1977 version of the Mark LeVine Revue included John Chamberlin, Steve Davidson, Mark LeVine and Louis Callas. 


Caspar Flats Jug Band in 1973

The Caspar Flats Jug Band in all its funky glory in 1973.Dave Jensen, Paul Tully, David Isakson, Bob Ross, John Chamberlin Mark LeVine, Jan Eno and Davis Te Selle.


Capt. Fathom with all the right gear

Capt. Fathom (aka Alan Graham) with all the right gear in 1977.


John Griffith's taco cart gets busted, 1977

John Griffith (in straw hat) gets a ticket from Dep. Fred Lima for violation of the new anti-street-vending ordinance in December 1977. Note Paul Katzeff rear center with camera, Santa Claus right rear, and Byrd Baker right edge.


Nancy Littleriver and Sunshine cut wedding cake at Pt. Cabrillo 1977

Nancy Littleriver and Sunshine cut their wedding cake at Point Cabrillo Light Station, 1977. Note Tony Burr, upper left, Annie Leveton with long blond hair and red flower.


Saint Subber, Broadway Impresario, for NY Times, Dec. 1975

This portrait of Tony Award winning Broadway impresario Saint Subber was done for the New York Times in December 1975. He produced Kiss Me Kate, the Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, and many other famous plays. He had a Mendocino home from the mid-seventies to the early eighties, and died in 1994.


Fort Bragg Co-op Street Fair 1972, Dr. Harold Robinson in clown suit.

Dr. Harold Robinson in clown suit and Graham Keighley (left) at the Fort Bragg Co-op Street Fair boogie in 1972, with the Mendocino All-Stars on stage in this photo. Cat Mother and Caspar Flats Jug Band also played this one. Located on Stewart St. at Redwood St.



Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Young Brigham in Mendocino, 1972

Rambling Jack Elliott with Young Brigham at Dave Sverko's stables on Little Lake Road, Mendocino, 1972.


Meca Wawona with 10 ft. diameter redwood cut down by Georgia Pacific 1975

A young Meca Wawona provides scale and emotion in this scene of a 10 ft. diameter ancient redwood cut down by Georgia Pacific near Mendocino Woodlands camps in 1975.


The old Sea Gull in 1974, before it burned down in Dec. 1976.


Moonrise over Mendocino 1980

A nearly full moon rises in the twilight over Mendocino in 1980. Three ponies were pastured in the field next to the red house. The Masonic Hall (now Savings Bank) is in the left background, and the Red Church (Corners of the Mouth natural food store) is at right.

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(2.5 MB PDF file opens in a new window, requires the free Adobe Reader to view.)

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